Secrets To Home Improvement That The Experts Don’t Tell You

Secrets To Home Improvement That The Experts Don’t Tell You

There are a few highly guarded secrets in the home improvement fraternity that they don’t tell you about. These simple tricks are sometimes all that it takes to transform your home from drab to fab. We have broken the magician’s code and are proud to present to you these secrets. You can thank us later!

Go Green

Most people are drawn to houses with beautiful trees and plants surrounding them. Landscaping is so important but is often overlooked. When deciding on landscaping, go for the long term. Select shrubs and trees that will mature over time. Buying these shrubs and trees when they are young and small saves you money. When they fully mature, they will look ten times more expensive.

If possible, plant shady trees around your house. When the trees mature, they will have a cooling effect and will reduce your energy costs by up to 30%. Mature trees also instantly increase the value of your home as it gives an air of elegance and old world charm.

When selecting your plants, do also remember to choose native plants. If possible, choose those that are drought-tolerant as well. These will save you tons of money when it comes to upkeep and maintenance as they require less watering and sprucing.

Invest in a water filtration system

Are you one of those that only drink bottled water? You don’t have to do this if you invest in a water filtration system. The initial cost may be high; however you will save tons of cash in the long run by foregoing bottled water. A water filtration system is an extra luxury that many homeowners love. You won’t regret getting one, we promise.

carpet-designSwap your carpets for hard-surfaced floors

Gone are the days where the entire home is carpeted. When carpets are new, they are luxurious and wonderful to step on. However, they all eventually end up flattened, moldy and stained. Consider replacing your carpets with tiles or wooden flooring. These are environmentally friendly and will improve the air quality in your home. There are a multitude of designs to choose from nowadays and you will be spoilt for choice.

Tiles and wooden flooring also gives your home a more modern look and will appeal to more people. Hard surfaced floors are easier to upkeep and clean. They don’t smell as they don’t hold odors. Carpets on the other hand are usually host to germs, allergens and odor. The situation is made even worse if you have pets or small children running around. Fur, pet droppings and spilled food can turn into a horrendous nightmare in a house where the floors are fully carpeted.

popcorn-ceilingRemove the popcorn ceiling

Most modern houses nowadays have flat surfaced ceilings. There is no worse way to date your house than by having popcorn ceilings. Popcorn ceilings were made popular in the 1950s. It is now the 2000s and no one wants popcorn ceilings anymore. Popcorn ceilings are used to hide uneven seams and watermarks leading to home buyers suspecting that there may be structural issues with your house.

Thankfully, it is quite simple to remove popcorn ceilings and it is a task that you can do yourself. Simply spray a solution on the ceiling to soften the texture and scrape it away. This solution can be found in most hardware stores and is inexpensive.  Remember to wear a mask when doing this as there will definitely be debris and find dust floating in the air which can be dangerous to inhale. Do also protect your floor and furniture with a suitable cover to save you the hassle of cleaning up after the ceiling scraping work is done.

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