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3 Steps For Fresh Smelling Pillows Every Time

3 Steps For Fresh Smelling Pillows Every Time

Imagine this scenario, it’s a Saturday night, and you’re ready to head out with your crew to pain the town red. You’re dressed super fly, you smell great, and everything is, as they say nowadays “on point”. You reach your favorite bar or club, and the immediately you feel awesome as you can  feel that the vibe and energy is great, and even this early on you can see that the place is  filled with attractive members of the opposite sex. As you walk into the place, some of them even give you ‘the look’ and, full of confidence and swagger (or ‘swag’ as they say) you go up to talk to some of them, after a few glasses of delicious liquid courage of course.

Hours pass, and you and your maybe potential spouse have had interesting conversations, but more importantly, the chemistry has been simply electric. The venue closes, and without so much as a direct word, you both head back toward your place. Things get hot and heavy, you’re both on your bed, and then…… BOOM! As soon as her head comes within 6 inches of your pillow, you can see the expression of disgust involuntarily flash across her face. The moment is ruined, and so is your self-esteem.

A little dramatic? Perhaps so, but let’s face it, isn’t it just simply gross to have a dirty pillow. You may not notice it (it is your ‘smell’ after all), but believe me, other people certainly would. And smell aside, there is nothing visually appealing about yellow, sweat-stained pillow. So to help our readers everywhere who are suffering from this problem, we present to you 3 easy steps in washing your pillow for that clean and fresh smell and look, always.


Step 1: Air That Pillow Out

As part of your daily routine, you should ‘fluff’ your pillows in order to get rid of dust and to maintain their shape. On a monthly basis, you air them outside for a few hours on a clothesline; ideal weather conditions would bright and breezy, with the temperature being warm or chilly. If for whatever reason that is not an option that is available to you, put them in your dryer on a no-heat cycle (IMPORTANT).

Step 2: Give It a Gentle Washing

An obviously essential step; pillows are full of dead skin cells, dust mites, and dust. You don’t need to overdo it; an occasional washing is enough as too frequent washing will cause them to lose their shape. We recommend you wash your pillows twice yearly, perhaps up to 3 or 4 times yearly if you are a really filthy person.

The type of washing you do is dependent on the type of pillow. If your pillow is synthetic, such as polyester or foam, they can probably be machine-washed however we advise you always check the instructions that come with the packaging. For example, specialty pillows such as side sleeper pillows may have specific washing instructions. For those who don’t yet know, side sleeper pillows are for people who well.. sleep on their sides, as opposed to say their backs or stomach. Yes, there also are specific pillows for people with those weird sleeping positions. Anyway, use the gentle cycle with lukewarm water and a good laundry detergent. Here’s a neat trick: if you have a large enough washer, wash two pillows at a time to balance the load and allow more effective circulation of water and detergent. We also recommend front loading machines as opposed to top loaders as the agitators can be too tough on pillows.

If your pillow is filled with down or feather, unfortunately you have no choice but to hand wash them. To do this, use a basin filled with warm water and detergent (equivalent to a small load for your washing machine). The pillow is to be completely submerged and kneaded gently like dough. After that, drain it and press down on the pillow to expel most of the water. Then roll it in a dry towel to get rid of even more water. Finally, place it in your washer (no detergent or water, spin only) on the slowest spin cycle.

Step 3: Dry It Completely

Complete drying is important to ensure no mildew develops, as that will cause your pillow to smell funky again. Don’t use the automatic settings on your dryer as the sensors will not be able to detect the internal moisture and will result with a still damp pillow. We suggest one hour on moderate heat; add a couple dry towels to speed it up as well as two new tennis balls. Yes, you did indeed read that correctly; the tennis balls prevent the filling from clumping up as they bounce around in the dryer. Of course, depending on your weather, you can also simply hang your pillows out to dry. Whichever method you choose, make sure you really check the inside of the pillow for any remaining moisture.


We hope this article encourages you to wash that filthy pillow of yours. As for your pillow cover and pillow case? Wash them weekly together with your sheets.